Friday, August 28, 2009

Finding those moments

Everyday life is really just living moment to moment. Finding those really good moments that will get you through the rest of the everyday nothings and pull you out of those slumps you slip into far too easily. And really, how often do you find those great moments. I've been lucky to have a few. I have two wonderful kids who are the loves of my life – though it's amazing I don't strangle them everyday. And I'm married to another love of my life – though sometimes I feel like strangling him, too! But finding those other moments is tough sometimes. They don't just fall in your lap, and everyday busyness and business can often camouflage some really good moments. Hearing my kids playing ring around the rosies and crack themselves up at the end is priceless. With all those “asses, asses. We can all fall down” and everything. But the really good moments are there. Everyday. My life really does revolve around my kids. And for the moment, I'm ok with that. There's too much I would miss out on if I wasn't with them every moment of every day.

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