Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Wishes #14

The Seattle Smiths topic this week is about Easter. I wish I could re-live one Easter memory from my childhood, and it would be the Easter that... I don't remember a lot about Easter from my childhood, but I do remember when I was really young that we'd go to church as a family. Then we'd come home from church and the Easter Bunny would have magically left our Easter baskets out for us while we were gone. Now I know that my dad just church left early or came to church late. And our baskets would be full of goodies. That's really my only Easter memory as a kid.

Now that I'm a parent, I'd like to start family traditions with my kids, and leave them with wonderful memories of their childhoods. My kids will be surrounded by their favorite cousins, "Oma" and "Pawpaw", two uncles and an aunt this Easter weekend. I'm putting together cute little Easter baskets for them for Easter day. We're going on an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday at my daughter's preschool, which includes some crafts and refreshments. That night we'll have a big dinner with everyone. I'm wishing for it to be a wonderful Easter weekend.

I have a couple other wishes this week, too. I finally found and signed up for some graduate hours, 3 semester hours to be precise. So my first wish is that I get through these hours quickly and pass the classes. Gotta love trying to keep my teaching licence up to date, though I'm not currently teaching. I also wish that the class I want to sign up for my 4th semester hour doesn't get cancelled.

Coupon elves. I wish there was something such as coupon elves that could cut and sort my coupons for me. That sure would be nice.

And I have a giveaway wish! The Bragging Mommy is hosting the cutest giveaway for Pillow Pets! AZ actually got one of these when she was a baby. It's a giraffe, and we LOVE it! I would really love winning the snuggly puppy for my son!

Guessing All The Way is also hosting a giveaway for a Dream Baby Retractable Gate, and I'd love to win this for either our playroom stairs or one of my pregnant sisters!

Do you have any wishes this week?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday #11

It's Post It Note Tuesday time, so stop on over at Supah Mommy's place to link up and check out all the excitement!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Funny Phrases #10 with some FF#3

So, while the kids were eating dinner at the table one night, the husband and I are unloading the dishwasher. AZ says, "Daddy's not supposed to do the dishes. Just Mommy. Daddy is supposed to be at the computer." I've never laughed so hard! Apparently AZ has learned that Mommy does most of the cleaning around here. Thanks for recognizing all of Mommy's hard work, sweet AZ, even if it is in your own way.

Since visiting my pregnant sister, AZ has been obsessed with babies coming out of the belly. She says to me, "Mommy there's a little mommy in my belly, and it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger and will break my belly." I tried explaining to her that she was too little to have a baby in her belly, and that Mommy and Daddy want her to have a college education and a husband before getting a baby in her belly. She agreed. :) It's a deal.

Those were just a couple of funnies I remember from the week. I know there were more, but "mommy-brain" buried them deep enough I can't recall them at the moment.

And let's not forget that it's FRIDAY! Yay! Time for another Friday Follow MEME! This is such a great way to find new blogs to love and get new followers at the same time!
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday #4

Thank you, husband, for making my coffee before you left for work a few days this week. It was so nice to come downstairs and smell my yummy goodness waiting for me. You're the best.

Thank you, guitar string, for not damaging my child while he was strumming you. Though, you did leave a mark on his hand, I know it could have been way worse.

Thank you, sunshine. You have to stick around!

Thank you, God, for letting my sister be OK. It was great seeing her and spending time with her, her husband, and her baby in her belly. Thank you for keeping them in your care.

Thank you, son, for constantly turning the t.v. off. Seriously, Samsung, your buttons should not be within the reach of toddlers.

Thank you, kids, for finally starting to sleep in until close to 8am. This completely rocks!

Now go check out Our Imperfect Life and The Daily Dribbles and all their thank yous!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Wishes #13

So, the Wishful Wednesday topic over at The Seattle Smiths is 'I wish I could afford this ______ handbag without putting a dent in my pocketbook!'

Well, before this past Christmas, I would have stated that I'd love a Coach or Louis Vuitton purse. My wonderful sister gave me this Louis Vuitton wallet in 2007 for being in her wedding. Isn't she the best!! I will probably use this wallet FOREVER!
I always thought it'd be nice to have a purse to go along with it. I mean, who doesn't want a matching purse and wallet, right? So, I guess it'd be nice to have a Louis Vuitton bag - one day. I mean, if we ever win the lottery. :)

Well this past Christmas, my husband completely surprised me with this Coach purse! I almost fell over dead. He had always thought and voiced that my obsession with designer bags was pretty silly. He could not fathom spending that much money on a purse. I mean, after all, I have dozens of regular purses in the closet. Why can't I use one of those? He'd NEVER buy a purse like that for me. So when I opened my fabulous present on Christmas morning, my heart skipped a beat a two. I love it!
So, in answer to this week's topic, I'm good. Unless, of course, we win the lottery. Then Louis Vuitton, here I come!

And for my other wishes for this week:
It'd be wonderful if the weather would figure itself out. This hot-cold stuff is driving me crazy! I wish it'd just be nice out already. I'm so ready to go outside and play with my kids on a regular basis.

And I wish it wasn't so difficult for me to find 4 semester hours to complete before May in order for me to keep my teaching licence from expiring. I guess in all honesty, it wouldn't be so hard if I hadn't procrastinated such a long time. It's stressing me out, and I just wish I was done with it already.

Those are my wishes this week. What are yours?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday #10

It's Post It Note Tuesday time, so stop on over at Supah Mommy's place to link up and check out all the excitement!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband

Bday Cookies
photo courtesy of wicki_wicki

My wonderful husband had a birthday over the weekend, and I just want to share with you what an amazing man he is. For his birthday weekend, we went on a weekend trip to my sister's house. Isn't he the best?!? I certainly think so. He knows how much it means to me to see my family, especially since I don't see them very often. So, in honor of my husband and his birthday, I am going to gush over him just a bit.

In just 31 years, my husband has turned into a wonderful man. A man who loves me and our family. A man who makes sacrifices for us, who works hard so I can stop working from home and focus more on our kids. He's a man who tries and succeeds in making me happy. So here are just 31 little reasons why I love my husband and truly appreciate him and all he does:

1. He puts the toilet seat down. AND the toilet lid. (I know - he rocks, right?!)
2. He lets me sleep in on the weekends. I have the opportunity to sleep until 9 or 9:30am at least once on the weekends, while he takes the kids for the morning. If you know me, you know I LOVE my sleep. I wish I could do without it, but I just can't.
3. On the weekends, he cooks us breakfast - like omelets, or eggs in a nest, with bacon, etc. And it's always yummy.
4. He takes care of taking the trash out. It's just one of those jobs that I don't like doing, so he does that. And he takes the cans and recycle bins out, too.
5. He will throw laundry in when it needs to get done. He doesn't fold, but he'll wash them for me!
6. He loves to garden and has turned his hobby into something spectacular. Our family really enjoys the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, onions, broccoli, etc. that he grows for us. I love that he has a green thumb, and I'm really looking forward to our fruit trees.
7. He leaves me little surprises, like little notes, a card, or some Dove Dark Chocolate. Or he'll turn the electric blanket on before I get into bed. He's sweet like that.
8. He's willing to buy me tampons. Enough said.
9. He goes to the grocery store, probably at least once a week, after work to pick up one or two items I've forgotten or need for dinner.
10. He takes care of the big things for us - setting up the kids' 529 accounts, our re-fi stuff, insurance stuff, etc. He does those big things so I won't have to. I get all confused anyway.
11. He lets me be in charge of the remote control. Seriously!
12. We go to the park or preschool functions as a family.
13. He'll go to church with me, even though his beliefs don't match mine. He does it for me and the kids.
14. He doesn't hesitate to give the kids a bath. It gives me a little break, so he does it.
15. He's so smart. He knows so much more than I do about so much more stuff than I do. I really look up to him.
16. He's LOYAL, to me, to us, to our kids, to his family, to my family, and to our friends.
17. He supports me, not only financially, but emotionally. He's there when I need him.
18. Every now and then if I'm out all day running errands, I will come home to find that he's vacuumed or done the dishes, or done both.
19. He continues to hang picture frames on our walls, even though he thinks there are too many. I'm pretty sure I'm a chip off the ol' block, Mema.
20. He was there for me in college when I felt that NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD was. I'm pretty sure he kept me alive!
21. He appreciates me and everything I do for our family. He knows I do a lot, and he recognizes me for my efforts.
22. He is half the reason for our two beautiful children. I think it's his greatest work ever.
23. This May he will be graduating from graduate school. He's an extremely hard worker, who's done night classes for the last few years in order to further his education. I'm so proud of him.
24. He doesn't think I'm crazy, and I'm pretty sure I am.
25. He isn't afraid of my past, and he doesn't judge me for it. He knows how far I've come, and he's helped me so much along the way.
26. He lets me spend our money to decorate our house the way I want it to be.
27. He encourages me to go out without the kids to have fun on my own.
28. He supports the decisions I make as a mom. He backs me up on parenting theories and things I try.
29. He doesn't complain when the house is dirty, when dinner is at 9pm, if the new recipe I tried is disgusting, or when I'm PMS-ing.
30. He scoops the cat poop. When I became pregnant and wasn't allowed to do that anymore, he took over. Unfortunately for him, I never really reclaimed that chore.
And finally, reason number 31. He LOVES me for me. I'm a priority to him. He makes me feel important and worthy, and he brings me immense joy. He doesn't see all the flaws in me that I see. And if he does, he loves me anyway.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Follow #2

I had so much fun finding new blogs last Friday that I just HAD to participate this week, too! This week's Friday Follow is sponsored by Beas Gift Baskets.
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I hope you're having as much fun as I am! Happy Friday to everyone!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday #3

Hello Thankful Thursday. Here we go again...

Thank you, oh sweet red wine. You are delicious, and you make my nights so lovely. I missed you dearly.

To my darling daughter, AZ, thank you so much for screaming out my name countless times for over an hour and a half after you went to bed. I gave you two band aids. You don't need another one for your bitten off finger nail. I love you, but Mommy needs more wine. (KIDDING - sort of).

Hello hot hubby. Thank you for being so smart and having the agility of a cat. Thank you for finally getting that mouse out of our house. I feel SO much better now.

Sadie Cat, thank you for playing with your rodents. Someone needs to teach you to ATTACK and KILL. Keep up the good work, kitty.

Thank you, days that keep ticking off the calendar. Only 31 work days left. Then I'll officially be a stay at home mom! Yay!

Thank you son, for reminding me that you are of my blood. I absolutely adore that you eat spicy food and Botan rice with furikakinori in it. My little blond haired boy of Asian descent.

To all the bloggers who host giveaways and put in all that work for others, THANK YOU!

Because of The Coupon Scoop's giveaway, and even though I didn't win it, I was able to get the product. I blogged about wishing to win the giveaway, and the company commented and said they could make my dreams come true if I didn't win. And THEY DID! A huge thank you to Kleen Slate Concepts and The Coupon Scoop. My son and daughter love the dry erase paddles with markers. And I love that they're non-toxic and low odor! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you, Pampers, for your overnight diapers that do not work. WC has never had issues with waking up wet in any of your other diapers until we tried out these. Am I disappointed? Yes. But I will continue to buy your other diapers when I have coupons. I personally think your diapers, with the overnights being an exception, are the best out there for my kids' butts.

Don't forget to check out Our Imperfect Life and The Daily Dribbles who got me started in all these Thank Yous!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Wishes #12

At this moment, I wish that my headache would go away. Boo on headaches. I actually think it's from holding the phone with my shoulder and ear yesterday. OK - lesson learned.

I am also wishing and hoping that all the sickness is done and over and out of my house. WC and AZ took turns vomiting and being sick over the weekend. I think they're done. I hope. And at least they weren't sick at the same time.

I have always loved Melissa & Doug products for my kids, and was very excited when I learned that Guessing All The Way is hosting a giveaway for a Melissa & Doug standing easel. I would love to win this giveaway for AZ and WC. They both love to color and paint, so this would be fabulous! We love all our Melissa & Doug puzzles, so I'm sure we'd love this product as well.

Snuggles. I wish my kids would snuggle with me forever. It's going to break my heart one day when they will barely hug me. I love my kids and their snuggles.

And, I recently stumbled upon The Seattle Smiths blog, and I was excited to see that Kelsey has a Wishful Wednesday! So from now on, I will include her link and image and participate in her Wishful Wednesdays. Yay!

Her topic this week: I wish I could win the lottery REAL soon, and I would hope to travel the world and expose my kids to all that I possibly could. I'd hope to pay off our school loans (before we're 40 years old) and possibly get a house with an updated kitchen and bathrooms and a big enough yard so my husband could have the garden of his dreams. And I'd buy all organic food because I could afford it. Oh, and a minivan. That's everyone's dream car, right?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Follow 3/12

I've seen this going around for weeks now, and I've finally decided to participate in my first ever Friday Follow. I'm always happy to find and enjoy new blogs, so I hope that others out there will find and enjoy mine as well. Friday Follow
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Friday's Funny Phrases #9

Alright, my husband is a bit sarcastic. And that's putting it lightly. Well, apparently AZ has taken notice of this. The other night, JD made dinner, and I was just exhausted. I sat down at the computer to have just a few minutes to myself. The kids were eating, and JD took his food and sat with them at the table. Well, he started pestering me (and I KNOW I should have gotten my dinner and headed to the table right at that moment) to come eat, and I begged for just a minute. JD was trying to get AZ to call out things to me, and instead, she looks at him and says, "Daddy, you're mean to Mommy." Smile.

My dear son, WC, during a recent diaper changed stated, "My junk is in there." And I close up his diaper and he says, "I can't reach it." And at another diaper changed where there's poo involved, I ask him, "What's in your diaper?" He says, "My junk is in there." I guess he's aware of his boy parts now.

For Christmas, the kids got dress up clothes and accessories, including tiaras, wands, etc. Well, tiara wearing WC came up to me, and says, "What do you want for Christmas?" meaning, what are your wishes? I start listing my wishes: happy kids, healthy kids, happy bellies, lots of sleep - and right after I say that last one, AZ interjects a big "NO. No sleep for Mommy. Not yet." And she only speaks the truth.

While holding WC, he likes to put his mouth on my cheeks and blow to make raspberries. I don't mind it too much, as he loves to do it. And while we were enjoying this activity, he decided to bite my cheek. Who can blame the poor kid for biting when I nibble on him ALL THE TIME?? (Thanks for that Mema, by the way). Anyway, I say, "Ouch, WC." He quickly responds, (very apologetically)"Sorry Mommy. (very proudly)I BITE. " Oh, I can't live without this kid. You know, the one who just took all his clothes off.

AZ, or Little Miss Sassafrass as I like to call her these days, refused to stay in her room during nap/rest time. So, she says to me, "I don't want to be nice anymore today. No fruit snacks for me, no suckers, and no computer. Tomorrow I will sleep well last night and then I can have computer." What a girl I have! And during said nap time, I tell her she has to just sit and color while Mommy takes a break. Her response: "I don't want to sit on the couch, I don't want to color. I just want to play. Those are the rules."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday #2

It's Thankful Thursday time again!

Thank you, warmer spring time weather. I love that you have arrived! And thank you, allergies, who have to cling onto spring time and try and ruin a good thing.

Thank you, WC and AZ, for having such an internal clock that no matter what time you go to bed, you are up by 7am on the dot.

Thank you,, for turning my loving 3 & 1/2 year old into a computer hog.

Thank you, Dr. at Urgent Care, who prescribed me an antibiotic that is impossible to take as directed. 4 times a day, but one hour before eating and at least two hours after eating. Really??

Thank you, AZ's new preschool, for not having any morning spots open for her. Hopefully the waiting list will pay off for us.

Thank you, husband, for last week volunteering me, while I was making dinner Friday night, to make a carrot cake from scratch for Saturday afternoon. I didn't mind making it, but really didn't enjoy heading out for carrots and other necessary ingredients at 9:30pm on my Friday night and having to stay up to closet to midnight baking. I know you're just trying to prepare me for when our kids are older, but jeez.

Thank you, Win Wok. Your food is so yummy, and I love having options to order in. Thank you for delivering! And thank you for not writing our credit card number on the menu this time. That's really an AWFUL system you have there.

And, thank you, GOD, for another wonderful week with my family. Thank you for their laughter and our happiness.

Don't forget to check out Our Imperfect Life and The Daily Dribbles who got me started in all these Thank Yous!

Thrifty Thursday #14

One of my favorite things to do is save money, whether that's using coupons and match ups, earning free money (not the scam kind of free money, but real free money), selling items on eBay, finding a good deal, or winning an awesome giveaway.

I am definitely saving the most money right now by couponing and shopping according to what's on sale. This makes my meal planning a little more complex, but is definitely worth it in the end. I buy in bulk. I don't clear the grocer's shelves or anything like that, but I stockpile. And because I do that, I usually will prepare meats in marinades and freeze them so dinner is easy during the week. I am fortunate enough to have the shelving space in the basement, as well as the deep freeze. I HATE buying things at full price, but it's inevitable on items such as fresh produce and milk sometimes. I'd say, that for the most part, I am getting most of our things (food, toiletries, etc.) on sale and discounted. Yahoo! BUT I know I could still do better. I could buy more Sunday papers, order specific coupons either through eBay or a coupon clipping service, and shop in other grocery stores besides just Kroger. I'll get there. But right now, I think I'm doing OK.

Another way I am being thrifty is by earning free money online. If you have never heard of, or you are not using, SwagBucks, you really should sign up. Swagbucks is an online search engine that rewards you for searching the Internet.

Search & Win

Seriously, I just downloaded their toolbar, made them my homepage, and started using them as I would have google. Some searches earn Swagbucks, and some don't. And sometimes they giveaway free codes for bucks. At this moment, I have enough swagbucks to earn multiple gift cards to different places. Personally, I will continue to use Swagbucks to earn gift cards for Christmas shopping. It's a way for me to be frugal. If you'd like to sign up, you'll instantly get 30 free swagbucks to start you on your money saving journey.

I also earn FREE money through something called YouData. Through YouData, you fill out an extensive questionnaire about your likes. Then according to your preferences, you'll see ads. Click those ads to get paid. The advertisers are paying you to look at their products - the products you've said you're interested in. The money you earn gets sent directly to your paypal account every Friday. It's not a huge money maker, but in my book, every penny earned helps and every penny saved adds up. I use my paypal money to make purchases online, and since most of the money in my account was either earned through YouData or selling on eBay, in my book, it's FREE money.

And lastly, I help save my family money and remain frugal by entering giveaways hosted by other blogs. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I don't. For me, I enjoy reading the blogs I'm subscribed to, and if they're offering a giveaway on a product I'm interested in, bonus! So far, I have won a pair of Lee Jeans through their Facebook fan page, a box of goodies from Japan from Our Imperfect Life, an awesome cookbook from CouponingFor4 called Don't Panic - Dinner's In The Freezer, and a DVD called Splish! Splosh! Splash! Thomas and Friends from Frugal Mom Knows Best. I desperately needed a new pair of jeans, WC adores Thomas, and I love having made meals in the freezer.

Well, this is what I do to try to save our hard earned dollars and stretch them as far as they can be stretched. If you know of more ways I can save, please share! I'd love to hear how you are saving you and your family money.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Wishes #11

I really wish that AZ would have gotten into the 4 year old 3-day morning class at preschool. So, since she didn't, she'll go to the afternoon classes - unless we get a call for being on the waiting list. I'm making a wish that whatever class she ends up in, that it's the right one for her and our family.

I wish that allergies weren't so bothersome. Ugh! But I wish the weather could stay this nice forever. I'm really enjoying all the walks I'm taking with the kids.

I wish people were nicer to one another. It's amazing how rude and unkind some people can be.

At this very moment, I wish that my son would STOP putting a blanket over his head and walking around. He just ran into the wall (unharmed). And I wish he'd stop spitting. And keep his clothes on. And take longer naps.

Couponing For 4 is hosting a giveaway for a $25 gift card to Kroger. I hope I win this, not only because it'll save us $25, but it'll totally raise my percentage saved on the receipt! :) The last few times I've been grocery shopping, I've saved at least 40%, so I'm rockin' it. And it looks like Coupon Clippin' Mommy, Cincinnati Cents , and The Mommy-Files are also hosting a giveaway for a $25 Kroger gift card. I really want in on these! :)

And while I'm entering giveaways, I couldn't resist the giveaway by Stay@HomeMomWhoKnew. I have entered to win a WanChai Ferry "Perfect Night In" prize pack consisting of a free entree, bowls, chopsticks, bamboo place mats, and fortune cookies. In addition, there's a $25 Target gift card. This sounds like the perfect (and thriftier) alternative to ordering in!

And I wish the kids would stay this snuggly, lovey, ticklish, and giggly forever. I adore when their laughter fills our house.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010