Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is Me - With No Apologies

I am so lucky to be married to a man who lets me be me, who lets me continue to grow and change while loving me all the same. At least that's my hope.

I am excited that I am growing in my faith as a Christian. I have recently, like within the last few weeks or month, really started diving back into Christianity and my relationship with God. I find myself eagerly looking forward to Sundays, so I can get to church. Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I adore sleep. Adore isn't even a strong enough word for it. Sleep could be my very best friend. I LOVE to sleep when I am able. But I now find myself hopping out of bed Sunday mornings so I can go hear a sermon from a Pastor I really enjoy listening to. I haven't been this excited about church since I was 14 years old. So, this will be the first Sunday I am taking the kids with me, and I really hope they enjoy themselves as much as I enjoy the messages. And yes, my daughter is getting preschool and Sunday school all in the same week, and I think she'll love it. I'm a little anxious about the kids being in different rooms, but I know that they'll either be completely fine with it, or they'll get used to it over time.

My husband has also been graciously letting me spend money to decorate our bedroom. And our room will be just the beginning. But I am starting to really love my bedroom, and I think all people should love their bedrooms. We are 99% done with the painting in our room. I may need a 3rd coat of yellow for the vanity nook area, but I'm OK with how it is now. I'd also like to paint our bathroom the same gray that our bedroom is now. The main color scheme of my newly decorated, yet incomplete, bedroom is gray,yellow, black, white, and burgundy. Black and white bedding that has yellow piping, a gray and yellow pillow (I need to get more pillows), a soon to be burgundy headboard and burgundy curtains, a black, burgundy and cream colored area rug, and either two black chairs or a black bench at the end of our bed. I know you can't see inside my head, but it's going to be bea-utiful.

And I can't redo the master bedroom without redecorating the kids' rooms. My daughter wants pink walls, so two different shades of pink will go on the walls. Her room will have a large butterfly theme going on. She loves butterflies, and it must be genetic since I love butterflies, but she LOVES them. I'll be excited to do her room. She'll move from a toddler bed to a double bed when we do her room as well. Have I mentioned that she's growing up too fast?? My son's room will be pretty easy, with 3 walls painted either a blue or green, with a striped accent wall. His should be easy.

So that's what's been going on with me. Making my house a home (after living here for a year now), and personal growth. Like Joyce Meyer said - "This is who I am, and I won't apologize for it."

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