Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Wishes #16

The Seattle Smiths Wishful Wednesday topic this week is all about diet. I wish I had never-ending funds to donate to ______charity.

This is a topic I've actually thought of on many occasions. I would definitely donate to the Susan G. Koman foundation. I strongly feel that cancer is something we can find a cure for, and so many people suffer from cancer or know someone who has/is, that I'd gladly donate to them regularly if I could.

My husband and I have always talked about starting a scholarship fund for students who pay their own way through college - for whatever reason that may be. Of course I don't know the details of how we'd work that out, but if we won the lottery, we'd figure it out.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital would also get donations from our family. When AZ was a week old, she spent a week there because she had MRSA staph infection. Though it cost us a lot of money, even with insurance, the staff there was incredibly friendly and always willing to console me through my ever-flowing tears and emotions, and they answered all of my questions so that I could understand what was going on. Plus, AZ has been to the ER there when she needed an anti-nausea medication because she couldn't even keep water down. AND WC got stitches in their ER. They would get lots of donations.

And because Cincinnati Shriner's Hospitals for Children is where we've been going for almost a year for WC's burns, they'd also get a TON of our donations. We've been going there for so long now, and everyone is always so nice and attentive. And we've not had to pay a penny for WC's care. Shriner's Hospitals for Children is an amazing organization. There's no end date for WC's visits there, as of yet, so in my heart they are quite a deserving hospital to receive donations. Plus, WC gets to pick a gift at the end of each visit. How nice is that!

I also feel that the Ronald McDonald House is a charity worth donating to. My family, on multiple occasions, has had to stay at the Ronald McDonald House when different family members have been in the hospital. That charity would get our donations.

What charities would you donate to?


  1. I think the Susan G. Koman is such a special cause. My family has suffered from cancer and it is just SOOOO awful!

  2. I am huge on St. Judes as well, I would totally donate to them if I could, and often. Around the holidays, I always make little craft kits for the kids at Childrens.

  3. I really like the idea of making a scholarship fund for kids working there own way through school

    St. Jude is a good one too.
    Stop over for my anniversary give away

  4. I really like donating to the Christian Children's Fund because of the sheer amount of money that actually goes to helping kids, and I'm always game for making donations to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and local charities where you can actually keep track of where the money is going.


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