Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thrifty Thursday #15

I spent most of my adolescent years in the southern part of Georgia. I was not a stranger to rifles and I was very aware of hunting season. I've seen my fair share of deer, and they weren't pretty like Bambi. I don't have anything against my hunting friends, but never in a million years would I have suspected that I could be a hunter. Me? No way. However, I have recently discovered my predator within. My prey, you ask? The GROCERY STORE.

In my ever growing and expanding world of couponing and finding good deals, I have come to the realization that couponers and shopping have many similarities to the hunter and hunted, the predator and prey. As the couponing-good-deal-hunter, I stalk various blogs and coupon sites to get coupons and learn about the unbeatable deals. I compare. I calculate. I wait until just the right moment. Then I pounce.

I finally went to the grocery store for a big run again. I hadn't gone grocery shopping, except for milk and produce, since the last Kroger Mega Sale. During this sale, including buying things that weren't part of this sale (like about 20lbs of meat, 4 gallons of milk, yogurt, produce, etc.), I bought $347.13 worth of groceries for $182.53. I saved $164.60, or 47%, or my total amount spent. Not too bad, but I was a little disappointed that I spent more than I saved. Like when a hunter doesn't get the size buck he's looking for after waiting in the hunting stands all day. This trip also included 14 lbs of FREE cat litter, a FREE bottle of vitamin water, and FREE Helluva Good dip, as well as some money makers. And I made $2.25 when I bought pasta, tuna, and that bottle of water. All in all, I'd say I walked away a winner. I successfully walked away with awesome deals, and I've replenished and added to my stockpile.

And the good thing about what I do? My hunting season never ends!


  1. Wow!! That's pretty awesome. I know you wanted to save more than you spent, but man, that's something to be proud of!!

  2. Thanks! It's a lot of work to coupon, but it's so much fun (and thrifty)!

  3. Wow...I need to take you w/ me the next time I go to the grocery store. Great job!! Thanks for visiting me today and for the sweet comment you left. It made my day!


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