Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Wishes #14

The Seattle Smiths topic this week is about Easter. I wish I could re-live one Easter memory from my childhood, and it would be the Easter that... I don't remember a lot about Easter from my childhood, but I do remember when I was really young that we'd go to church as a family. Then we'd come home from church and the Easter Bunny would have magically left our Easter baskets out for us while we were gone. Now I know that my dad just church left early or came to church late. And our baskets would be full of goodies. That's really my only Easter memory as a kid.

Now that I'm a parent, I'd like to start family traditions with my kids, and leave them with wonderful memories of their childhoods. My kids will be surrounded by their favorite cousins, "Oma" and "Pawpaw", two uncles and an aunt this Easter weekend. I'm putting together cute little Easter baskets for them for Easter day. We're going on an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday at my daughter's preschool, which includes some crafts and refreshments. That night we'll have a big dinner with everyone. I'm wishing for it to be a wonderful Easter weekend.

I have a couple other wishes this week, too. I finally found and signed up for some graduate hours, 3 semester hours to be precise. So my first wish is that I get through these hours quickly and pass the classes. Gotta love trying to keep my teaching licence up to date, though I'm not currently teaching. I also wish that the class I want to sign up for my 4th semester hour doesn't get cancelled.

Coupon elves. I wish there was something such as coupon elves that could cut and sort my coupons for me. That sure would be nice.

And I have a giveaway wish! The Bragging Mommy is hosting the cutest giveaway for Pillow Pets! AZ actually got one of these when she was a baby. It's a giraffe, and we LOVE it! I would really love winning the snuggly puppy for my son!

Guessing All The Way is also hosting a giveaway for a Dream Baby Retractable Gate, and I'd love to win this for either our playroom stairs or one of my pregnant sisters!

Do you have any wishes this week?


  1. The coupon elves is funny. Can they hand me the coupon when I need that exact item in the store? That would be my wish!!!

    I too have fond memories of getting all fancied up in my Easter dress and coming home to a backyard of eggs!!!

  2. I hope to be prepared for Easter this week. It came fast!
    I have fun memories of Easter as a child too. We'd have to go on a treasure hunt to find our Easter baskets. We would get together with family and have a nice meal. Such fun times.


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