Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thrifty Thursday #1: My Latest Money Savings Adventure

Since this is my first entry for Thrifty Thursday: My Latest Money Savings Adventure, I'm going to talk about all of the great deals I've had so far this month. And I couldn't have done them without all those bloggers out there (note the buttons on the left side of the screen) who help match up coupons with sales. So THANK YOU to them!

My grocery store had a Mega-sale event, and I went in with so many coupons and match ups that I was stoked to see how much money I was going to save at the end of the trip. The cash register receipt is literally longer than I am, all 5'5" of me, and I had so many coupons that a manager had to come over and put a key in the register to show it was OK. I saved $279.75 (45%) that trip. A week later I went in and saved $71.59 (41%), not great, but considering that I won't need to go grocery shopping for 2 or more months(except for milk and produce), this is all FANTASTIC!

This week I got a great deal at Target, thanks to LittleMissKnowItAll, and got some items that I will not name because I'm giving them as Christmas gifts, though I'm tempted to keep some for myself. Anyway, before coupons and rebates, the total was somewhere in the $40 range, and after coupons and rebates, I only spent $8. How awesome is that!?!

So this is just the beginning of my journey with money saving adventures. What are you saving money on? Hello...hello...hello? Anyone out there...out there...out there?

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