Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thrifty Thursday #2

It's amazing how many FREE or nearly free items you can get if you're looking - or if you're subscribed to the right blogs.

Thanks to Nickels-n-Dimes, I got yet another awesome Christmas gift for someone so I can't say exactly what I bought, but I ordered a personalized gift from Seventh Avenue, and would have spent $33.80. Instead, I spent $13.80 for the gift, counting tax and shipping. What a wonderful world of savings!

I ordered a FREE 2010 calendar from Oriental Trading thanks to She Saved. It's probably not going to be as cute as something I would have picked out and paid money for, but at least this will insure that I won't have to suffer through a World of Warcraft calendar for next year. I'm definitely thankful for that.

I also scored free bath products by becoming a fan of something on facebook. I've gotten a TON of coupons and free things for becoming a fan of things. Facebook is turning into a discount/coupon lovers dream land!

Moms by Heart showed me how to get a FREE Aveeno tote bag. I'm all about taking bags with me to the grocery store. Every little thing I can do to help Mother Earth is at least something. Using her site, I also signed up for a FREE SC Johnson gift basket. How nice is that!

The moms group I'm in had a coupon swap last night, too, and I got some awesome coupons from that. I'm looking forward to the deals I'm going to get from those.

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