Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Few Cents

So, I may be addicted to saving money. I don't even know how it all started. I mean, shortly after AZ was born, I started getting the Sunday paper for the coupon inserts. I fell out of habit of using the coupons, and we stopped the subscription. Now, I follow at least 2 different blogs about saving money and go to 3-4 different online coupon sites to get coupons. And occasionally, I'll get the Sunday paper if there are going to be good coupons in them. Now I go to the grocery store and save 20-30% of my bill. I saved $76 off my last grocery bill using coupons and matching up sale items. I buy sale items sometimes in bulk, and put my meats in marinade and freeze them. I have at least 10 frozen meals, consisting of pork, chicken, tilapia, salmon, chili, or stew, in my basement freezer. When did I start paying such close attention to grocery store fliers and cooking in bulk?

Well somehow this money-saving thinking has seeped into a permanent compartment of my brain. AZ needed some pants and long sleeved shirts for this season, as she's grown multiple inches since this time last year. But I hadn't even left the house yet when I decided I wasn't going to look at clothes that weren't on sale or clearance. We walked out of the mall with 3 pair of adjustable waist pants, 7-8 long sleeved shirts, a reversible down vest, 2 packs of undies, and Christmas outfits for both kids for about $80, spending almost half of that on the Christmas clothes. How did I turn into this person?

It just really makes me happy to save a few cents. It definitely adds up. Got any ideas on how I can save some cents when getting a minivan? :)

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