Monday, October 12, 2009

A Spectacular Day to be Mini-Me

I had a WONDERFUL Sunday. I already knew that I'd be getting up early, as JD and I had discussed the night before. So, I decided to make the most of it, and made a very large, almost Super-Southern sized, breakfast for my family. I made bacon, eggs, toast, sausage, and sausage gravy (for left over biscuits we already had). If there were cheese grits it would have been perfection. But it was a very nice breakfast, if I do say so myself.

JD had to skedaddle out after breakfast to go help some friends move. He is a much better person than I, that's for sure. Well, I got the rest of us ready for church after breakfast clean-up, and off we went.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that my girl just walks right into her Sunday school classroom. It made things a little easier on me, especially since my boy is her complete counter-part. I could hear him crying the entire time I walked down the hallway, until I turned the corner. There's a reason I always take the pager, though, in case he REALLY needs me while I'm in church. I know he pretty much gets held for a solid hour at church, but that's OK with me. He is a snuggly little guy.

After church, we came home to find my husband cutting the grass. What a nice surprise he was home - and NOT sitting in front of the computer when we walked in the door. Instead, we came in, finding he had vacuumed the entire house. And, he'd thrown in a load of laundry! What a great husband I have!

So, the kids had lunch and took a nap, well AZ had quiet time in her room, while we started watching the Bengals game. WHO DEY! 4-1 record and #1 in the division. It was a good game.

The big game was followed by even MORE fun - we went to Shaw Farms for the pumpkin patch and activities. The kids had so much fun! We walked around for over an hour, and it was the cutest thing. There were little scenes with pumpkin people, like the Wizard of Oz and Cinderella, loads of little houses and mazes the kids ran through, and all sorts of farm animals. What a blast! AZ was so happy she got to bring home a little pumpkin. And I was so happy we got to bring home take-out! Little Caesar's was delicious.

Through all of our running around and day of adventure, I learned something. My daughter is an awful lot like her mother. She's independent as she walks right on into her Sunday school class, she's stubborn since she won't take a nap (though I KNOW she doesn't have the sleep gene I have), and she's my little backseat driver - yes JD, I'll admit it. With every stop light, she lets us know if it's red or green, shouting "Red means stop!" or "Green means go." While turning right on red, she told her daddy, "Be careful, Daddy. Red means stop." She's turning into quite a little mini-me.

It sure would be nice if every Sunday could be as fun and exciting as yesterday was. I'd be willing to make huge breakfasts every weekend, including the grits, if family fun and adventure were a part of that package. What a FABULOUS Sunday with my husband, son, and mini-me!

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