Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Funny Phrases #7

AZ has recently discovered that her favorite Uniqua doll from The Backyardigans can be undressed. Well, after the pony incident that cost me about 20 minutes in Kroger - the incident where she insisted on bringing in her pony and then somehow dropped it somewhere and cried as loud as she possibly could after I gave up looking after hunting through the entire store - I told AZ that if she wanted to take Uniqua into the store that she'd have to be dressed. There was no way I was going to look for Uniqua's clothing if it got dropped. Well, she couldn't put the clothes back on herself, so she gave the doll to me. Did I mention we're in the car on the way to the store? So, I stop at a stop sign in my neighborhood and get her dressed. I finish up, begin driving again while handing her the doll. And since AZ always insists that I have 2 hands on the wheel at all times now, she says, "Mommy you need more arms." Me: "I think ALL mommies could use more arms. I'd like to have arms like an octopus." AZ: "No, Mommy. Then you wouldn't have fingers." My smart little girl.

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