Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrifty Thursday #10

I am excited that I will be getting another coupon booklet from ConAgra, thanks to CouponingFor4 and Surviving the Stores. This one will be for $17. And thanks to MoJoSavings, MomsbyHeart, Freebies4Mom, A Thrifty Mom I'll be getting 3 coupon booklets from HomeMade Simple worth over $30 each. AND Eat Better America is sending me a $10 copuon booklet. Thank you Freebies4Mom. Gotta love my coupons!

And here's why I LOVE coupons. At my Kroger Mega Sale event where you buy 10 participating items and receive $5 off your total, I saved $266.92 (56%) of my bill. The total was $473.51 brought down to $206.59 thanks to matching sale items with coupons! I would have saved more percentage wise, but I bought over 20 items that were not part of the Mega Sale, including a ham, 2 packs of bacon, 2 packs of hot dogs, 4 gallons of milk, 2 packs of chicken, 5 lbs of ground beef, 4 pounds of ground turkey, oil for hubby's car, breakfast waffles, koolaid, and produce. I managed to save $55 just for buying the participating sale items. But I got FREE International Delight Coffee Creamer (AGAIN!!) by being a fan on their Facebook page (I think). I couldn't find the Stacy's Pita chips, but I have a coupon to get a FREE bag of those for becoming a fan of theirs on Facebook. I got a large box of Post cereal for only .19, got FREE cans of Rotel Tomatoes (which were actually money makers where I earned .13-.18 cents a can because of overage), a FREE package of Quaker Quakes (made .51 on that because of overage), and FREE I Can't Believe It's Not Butter packs of margarine (and made .02 a pack on those because of overage). All in all, I walked out of Kroger with 153 items, and my head held high. The customer behind me could not believe what she was seeing as she watched my total continue to drop. She said, "I thought I did coupons. But YOU do coupons." I am so proud of myself! And this is the second time in my life where the manager has had to come over and put a key in the register to approve all of my coupons. I'll have to run back in this week (since the sale is continued) to get the Franks Redhot Sauce for only $0.19 a bottle and 7 other items to equal my 10. Love love love this! I am CONFIDENT that I will be able to eat out of my freezer and pantry for a month or two with no problems. Hooray!

On my second trip to Kroger, I only had a few coupons that I could combine with the Mega Sale, and I bought 2 things that were not in the sale at all. I bought 23 items, spending $23.37, but I saved $36.09 (60%) of my purchase! And when I saw the lady in front of me, with about the same number of items I had, spend over $90, I smiled for myself. I'm getting really good at this couponing thing!

My next trip will hopefully be just as good. The sale ends this Saturday, and I've got well over 25 coupons burning a whole in my coupon binder meant especially for this week! ;)

Sadie as a kitty, and Sage (RIP)

And since nothing beats the price of FREE, I'm also excited to report that I am going to be getting some Cats Pride cat litter (up to a $7 value) for FREE by uploading a picture of Sadie cat onto Catster. Thanks go out, in no particular order, to Moms By Heart, A Thrifty Mom, The Coupon Scoop, Stockpiling Moms, She Saved
I'll also be getting another FREE 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk with the purchase of a gallon of milk thanks to MoJoSavings, Freebies4Mom, MomsByHeart, Faithfully Frugal and Free. I never even give my kids chocolate milk (AZ says she doesn't like it), so this is a nice treat for WC who inhales the stuff, and it's hard for me to pass up FREE.

Another shout out to coupons because I can go to Target to get some games, specifically Pictureka Card Game because it'll only cost me $0.24 and I already have and enjoy Scrabble Slam Card Game and Monopoly Card Game. Thanks to my ever so loving printable coupons and The Coupon Scoop, Moms By Heart, Couponing For 4.

Now for those in my family (and maybe other readers, too)who have or are having children, here's a deal for you. The Step Start Walk N Ride is $5 at Wal-Mart this week. They are on clearance for $10, and you'll use the $5 off of 1 coupon found HERE. Thanks, MoJo Savings, A Thrifty Mom, The Coupon Scoop. My kids have this toy, and AZ was just playing with it last night. While at Wal-Mart, if you have any My Little Pony lovers, Coupon Gal says we can get 2 ponies for $2.50 each with the BOGO coupon HERE. Also for you is the opportunity to get a FREE carseat ID tag. If you're preggo or have had a baby within the last six months, you are eligible for this deal. I got my carseat ID tags free through the fire department. I think the tags are a great thing, just in case...I learned of this deal from Freebies4Mom.

I also signed up for a FREE Glade Fragrance Gift Pack from Right at Home. Hopefully I signed up in time since only the first 10,000 people are eligible. I learned about this deal through She Saved, CouponingFor4, Freebies4Mom, MoJoSavings, Frugal Racing Fan Mommy.

She Saved, CouponingFor4 also showed me a deal for a FREE subscription to Fitness magazine. Now, I didn't sign up for this one, but maybe my very fit relatives or readers would be interested!

So that's what I've done to be thrifty this week. What have you been doing to save you and your family a little dough?

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  1. I got the picktureka card game at Target yesterday. That is an amazing price on the walk n ride. My niece has one and loves it!


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