Monday, February 15, 2010

Make Each Second Count

photo by mewsgirl
Looking in the past can be a little dangerous. I see a life, a skinnier gal back then, where I really only had to worry about me. I could get up and go - just like that. I see STRUCTURE, clean and organized STRUCTURE. I see going out to eat whenever I want, going shopping whenever I want, just doing whatever I want. I see lots and lots of pre-kid fun. I see dates and parties and not too many responsibilities. I was a woman, a teacher, a wife.

And now...Clean organized structure is replaced with toys - everywhere. I see wrestling kids, happy squealing wrestling kids. I must take an extra 10 minutes to get kids ready, diaper bags packed, and kids in car seats before I leave for the simplest errand. I swear sometimes it takes longer to get the kids ready and in the car than the actual errand itself. I am a more tired woman, rounder in the midsection, too. I am doctor, teacher, pharmacist, cook, maid, servant, all powerful mommy to my kids, and wonderful WONDERFUL wife. (Right, JD?) I know the messes are temporary. My kids are going to grow up. I won't see happy squealing kids. Those will be replaced by grumpy teenage kids one day. They're only little once. Soon they'll learn to eat what's made for dinner...and lunch...and breakfast. They'll learn to sleep through the night all on their own. They'll become better listeners, bigger helpers, and continue to stay happy. They'll stop calling me "Mommy" and it'll break my heart. Simply put, they'll grow up.

So, what I guess I'm trying to say is, I need to live in the now. Be present in my family and my life now. And love every second of it!

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