Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Funny Phrases #10 with some FF#3

So, while the kids were eating dinner at the table one night, the husband and I are unloading the dishwasher. AZ says, "Daddy's not supposed to do the dishes. Just Mommy. Daddy is supposed to be at the computer." I've never laughed so hard! Apparently AZ has learned that Mommy does most of the cleaning around here. Thanks for recognizing all of Mommy's hard work, sweet AZ, even if it is in your own way.

Since visiting my pregnant sister, AZ has been obsessed with babies coming out of the belly. She says to me, "Mommy there's a little mommy in my belly, and it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger and will break my belly." I tried explaining to her that she was too little to have a baby in her belly, and that Mommy and Daddy want her to have a college education and a husband before getting a baby in her belly. She agreed. :) It's a deal.

Those were just a couple of funnies I remember from the week. I know there were more, but "mommy-brain" buried them deep enough I can't recall them at the moment.

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  2. Good morning and Happy Firday Follow. For this very minute I am your newest follower. I can't wait to read more about your family. I have one son that's 18 and a daycare family from 1-10 so I love reading about you little ones adventures and comments.
    Take care and have the most blessed Friday possible.

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  5. Oh if only we could convince them of that! wouldn't it be AWESOME! No babies no babies not yet

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    I've never seen thankful thursday and I love it! My hubby makes coffee for me and I agree, that smell is heavenly in the morning.

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