Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday #1

My first Thankful Thursday. Some Thursdays will be sincere thanks, some will be sarcastic, and some will be a combination of the two. So here goes:

Thank you, God, for me being born in the United States of America. And thank you for all the opportunities that brings to me and my family. Thank you for me being born when I was born. Plumbing, electricity, and modern technology are such blessings. Thank you for allowing me to know what it is to suffer so that I will not take for granted and so that I know what it is to enjoy and delight in everything. Thank you for forgiveness. Thank you for giving your son to us. Thank you for my husband, children, family, and friends. Thank you for my husband's job, our working vehicles, our home, our food, our community. Thank you for our trials and the lessons learned from them. Thank you for music and rainbows and beauty and nature. Thank you for LIFE. Thank you for choices. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you, husband, for loving me and being there for me no matter what. Thank you for the opportunity to stay home with our children. Thank you for bringing me happiness and joy. Thank you for marrying me and giving me two of the most beautiful children on the planet. Thank you for your patience and your hard work. Thank you for your dedication to our family and your loyalty to our lives together. Thank you for being my partner and being on my team.

Thank you, AZ and WC, for loving me every single day and letting me start over each morning. Thank you for quickly forgiving me when I lose my temper or forget that you're just kids. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for your innocence and laughter. Thank you for your existence.

Thank you family for being my family and making me who I am. I love you all down to my core.

Thank you to my close friends. Thank you for being there for me and being so much fun. Thank you for your friendship!

Thank you, William Graham Bell, for the invention of the telephone. My life would suck without your genius!

Thank you to the people who read my blog. I love knowing that I'm 'connecting' with people.

And I have to throw in a sarcastic one (or two) - THANK YOU, son, for getting sick and forcing us to cancel our trip to GA to see Mommy's family - the family I only get to see once or twice a year. Mommy is SO sad. :(

THANK YOU, to moi, for being one of the very lucky few to have Group B Strep.


  1. What a great entry! Thank you for sharing it!

    And I hope your son is feeling better quickly. So sorry to hear you guys had to cancel the trip.

    Take care!

  2. Oh girlfriend. You are sick now too? You poor thing. Feel better.

  3. That sucks about the trip. Hopefully you can get there soon and see your family. And I am so with you on the telephone invention! My husband is out of town and we only get to talk to each other a couple of minutes a day on the phone. But I look forward to that couple minutes that I look forward to chocolate ice cream!

  4. What a lovely post. I hope your family reads this so they'll know how much you appreciate them.

    I do hope you feel better soon; and try to reschedule your trip!

  5. Thanks everyone. I'm happy to announce that we're all healthy and our trip is rescheduled for May. Yay!

  6. Thank you for linking up!!

    I'm sorry you had to cancel your trip and reschedule...but yay that you were able to reschedule.

    I totally agree about being thankful for WHEN i was born, with all the modern amenities!!


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