Monday, March 1, 2010

The Value of Family

Mondays. Never the best day of the week, that's for sure. Well this Monday may just take the cake...

I live about 11 hours away from most of my family. I get to see them maybe once or twice a year, and I was SO excited about our trip that was supposed to be this week. Unfortunately, my 2 year old came down with strep throat and croup. And he just had strep two weeks ago. Poor little guy. And poor me. I must have cried rivers when I realized that we couldn't make our drive down to Georgia. I was so close to being able to see my family, my family whose distance makes my heart ache. I was so close. And I miss them soooooo much!

Living so far away from my family leaves my heart in pieces, and it's never whole until I see them. And it makes me want to teach my children the value of family, the importance of having family near by, and to remember to not take it for granted.

So, do me a favor today. Tell your family you love them. Hug them. Talk with them. Spend time with them. For me.


  1. So sorry about your trip. I know that MUST be hard. I will do that favor for you today.

  2. So sorry to hear that too...

    hope you little guy gets well soon!

    at least we have technology that can help "somewhat," but there's nothing like being w/your family huh...

  3. Thanks, Danielle and SageMom. We were able to see some family on the webcam today, and that helps a little. But nothing beats a big bear hug!


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