Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband

Bday Cookies
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My wonderful husband had a birthday over the weekend, and I just want to share with you what an amazing man he is. For his birthday weekend, we went on a weekend trip to my sister's house. Isn't he the best?!? I certainly think so. He knows how much it means to me to see my family, especially since I don't see them very often. So, in honor of my husband and his birthday, I am going to gush over him just a bit.

In just 31 years, my husband has turned into a wonderful man. A man who loves me and our family. A man who makes sacrifices for us, who works hard so I can stop working from home and focus more on our kids. He's a man who tries and succeeds in making me happy. So here are just 31 little reasons why I love my husband and truly appreciate him and all he does:

1. He puts the toilet seat down. AND the toilet lid. (I know - he rocks, right?!)
2. He lets me sleep in on the weekends. I have the opportunity to sleep until 9 or 9:30am at least once on the weekends, while he takes the kids for the morning. If you know me, you know I LOVE my sleep. I wish I could do without it, but I just can't.
3. On the weekends, he cooks us breakfast - like omelets, or eggs in a nest, with bacon, etc. And it's always yummy.
4. He takes care of taking the trash out. It's just one of those jobs that I don't like doing, so he does that. And he takes the cans and recycle bins out, too.
5. He will throw laundry in when it needs to get done. He doesn't fold, but he'll wash them for me!
6. He loves to garden and has turned his hobby into something spectacular. Our family really enjoys the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, onions, broccoli, etc. that he grows for us. I love that he has a green thumb, and I'm really looking forward to our fruit trees.
7. He leaves me little surprises, like little notes, a card, or some Dove Dark Chocolate. Or he'll turn the electric blanket on before I get into bed. He's sweet like that.
8. He's willing to buy me tampons. Enough said.
9. He goes to the grocery store, probably at least once a week, after work to pick up one or two items I've forgotten or need for dinner.
10. He takes care of the big things for us - setting up the kids' 529 accounts, our re-fi stuff, insurance stuff, etc. He does those big things so I won't have to. I get all confused anyway.
11. He lets me be in charge of the remote control. Seriously!
12. We go to the park or preschool functions as a family.
13. He'll go to church with me, even though his beliefs don't match mine. He does it for me and the kids.
14. He doesn't hesitate to give the kids a bath. It gives me a little break, so he does it.
15. He's so smart. He knows so much more than I do about so much more stuff than I do. I really look up to him.
16. He's LOYAL, to me, to us, to our kids, to his family, to my family, and to our friends.
17. He supports me, not only financially, but emotionally. He's there when I need him.
18. Every now and then if I'm out all day running errands, I will come home to find that he's vacuumed or done the dishes, or done both.
19. He continues to hang picture frames on our walls, even though he thinks there are too many. I'm pretty sure I'm a chip off the ol' block, Mema.
20. He was there for me in college when I felt that NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD was. I'm pretty sure he kept me alive!
21. He appreciates me and everything I do for our family. He knows I do a lot, and he recognizes me for my efforts.
22. He is half the reason for our two beautiful children. I think it's his greatest work ever.
23. This May he will be graduating from graduate school. He's an extremely hard worker, who's done night classes for the last few years in order to further his education. I'm so proud of him.
24. He doesn't think I'm crazy, and I'm pretty sure I am.
25. He isn't afraid of my past, and he doesn't judge me for it. He knows how far I've come, and he's helped me so much along the way.
26. He lets me spend our money to decorate our house the way I want it to be.
27. He encourages me to go out without the kids to have fun on my own.
28. He supports the decisions I make as a mom. He backs me up on parenting theories and things I try.
29. He doesn't complain when the house is dirty, when dinner is at 9pm, if the new recipe I tried is disgusting, or when I'm PMS-ing.
30. He scoops the cat poop. When I became pregnant and wasn't allowed to do that anymore, he took over. Unfortunately for him, I never really reclaimed that chore.
And finally, reason number 31. He LOVES me for me. I'm a priority to him. He makes me feel important and worthy, and he brings me immense joy. He doesn't see all the flaws in me that I see. And if he does, he loves me anyway.

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