Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Inner Party Planning Goddess

The party planner within has taken over! I've been thinking about WC's upcoming 2nd birthday for a while now, and I think I've finally settled on his theme. I REALLY wish now that I wouldn't have made his theme last year trains because right now he's LOVIN' him some Thomas the Tank Engine. It turned out so cute, though, right?

So instead, I guess we're going with a construction theme this year. He equally adores his Tonka dump truck. He plays with this thing for what seems like hours. In fact, he and AZ will take turns riding in it and pushing one another. So, I think he'll like this theme. Here's my inspiration for his birthday cake and decorations this year.


I am sure he's going to love it.

The next party I'm planning for is my sister's baby shower! And she's having a boy! After seeing cupcake towers and inspiration from Imperfectly Beautiful, a blog I highly recommend you follow by the way, I've been so excited about making one for the baby shower.
I love the ribbons around the boxes on this one...

and the colors in this one....

And why stop there? Something like this would be soooo cute for AZ's 4th birthday. I'm definitely thinking she'll have the Pinkalicious theme.
Pink Cake Box Cake
This is all going to be so much fun!


  1. Wow girl those look cool! I just realized I need to start thinking about a 2nd bday party as well. Imeither going to do "Cars" or constrction can't decide yet.

  2. That Birthday cake is awesome. Good luck in the party planning. I love parties :)


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