Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday #9

Coupons. Oh wonderful money saving coupons. I love you...

Coupon Geek, Frugal Racing Fan Mommy , Coupon Clippin' Mommy , The Coupon Scoop, A Thrifty Mom , Stockpiling Moms showed me that I could sign up for a Betty Crocker $10 coupon booklet that will be mailed to me within 6-8 weeks.

Coupon Geek, Moms by Heart also showed me that Wal-Mart is offering $17 worth of savings in a ConAgra coupon book that will also be mailed to me within 6-8 weeks. I love coupons, so THANK YOU Coupon Geek.

Now, I'm done with the having babies part of my life, but I have family members who have new babies and who are currently expecting new babies. And maybe some other readers could also find this useful. I found on A Thrifty Mom, an excellent link to sign up for FREE baby stuff and money-saving coupons for diapers, magazines, and formula.

I am excited that my Kroger is having its Mega-Sale event this week. Buy 10 participating sale items and get $5 off at check out. I'm so glad that CincySavers has the coupon match ups done so I can save the most money possible for my family. Other sites also did match ups, but I saw it at CincySavers first.

Oooh. My hubby loves Toaster Strudles, and Nickles-n-Dimes just showed me where to get $1 off 1 box. That's awesome. This makes for 2 possibly FREE boxes. Yay! And guess what happens to be in the Mega-Sale???

And according to Facebook, I will be getting a coupon for FREE oreos. I became a fan of Oreo and stalked their page until the contest opened at 3pm on Monday. I got mine! Did you get yours?

Now, I am a sucker for making my kids' birthdays all they can be, so I ordered WC's invites and such from Birthday Express. I didn't want to order, but I looked at Target and Party City with no luck for his construction theme. But Birthday Express was so nice to me. I ordered online, and applied a coupon code for 10% off. I also entered a code for free shipping on orders over $25. Of course I noticed after checkout that the free shipping didn't come off. So I called them and learned I could not double up the coupons. However, they are crediting my card the $5.95 for shipping this time. Isn't that nice??

I have signed up to get free bags before, and so far, I haven't received any yet. Hopefully this deal found by Freebies4Mom and Nickels-n-Dimes will come through. Thanks!

Now I know my FREE sample of Playtex Gentle Glide really isn't saving me all that much money. But I do know that I need "supplies" every month and every penny counts!
Thanks to CouponingFor4 for showing that deal to me!

But the best thing I did by far, I found through A Thrifty Mom. I donated 16 pounds of food to Americans with help from Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission. And all it cost me was about two minutes of my time. That's it.

AND - I have just been notified that I am the WINNER of a giveaway hosted by CouponingFor4 for Dinners In the Freezer cookbook. I am so looking forward to freezing more meals for my family, to not only save money, but to save me some time, too! Thank you!!

So that's how I've been thrifty this week. What have you been doing??

PS-I received my FREE pair of Lee Jeans that I won this week! I love how they make my booty look! Bonus!

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