Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday's Funny Phrases #1

Kids say the darnedest things, right? Well mine does, or at least AZ does. So, I thought it'd be a fun thing to write about what my kids say sometimes.

This one's not so funny, but it definitely shows AZ's growing up. After me not letting her do something she shouldn't do: I need a new Mommy. You're not being nice. That one actually hurt some. Am I going to be in trouble when she's a teenager? I think so!

I was cooking dinner last night and AZ started dancing. I'm a booty shaker, Mommy. Really? Where is she hearing these things?

Water makes pee, and boogers make poop. Can you tell AZ eats her boogers still? It's so gross, but I guess she has the general idea.

These are only a few things I remember her saying this week that stuck with me. I'm hoping I'll get better about writing all these things down and putting them out there for family and friends to see and laugh about. If you have kids, what's the funniest thing they've said lately?


  1. Gosh they both say the cutest things - I am definitely the stricter parent in our house - so I am constantly being told that I am mean. They also tell me that they don't want mean mommy to come so they will be good. I work nights so they often ask if I am going to work (I only work 3 nights a week!). They also talk about how we need to be quiet to not wake the baby or else they ask me if I really want him asleep. Of course the really funny ones I can't remember right now. Oh well.

    new follower from MBC - can't wait to read more of your blog! Come and visit me

  2. Kids definitely say some funny stuff!

  3. I'm grateful for all of the funny-sayings days as I think The Bus has ruined him. He is coming home with a whole bunch of new nonsense that is clearly not our homemade brand.

    But the other night he wanted to know where he lived before he was with better articulated parents?

  4. You'll be amazed what they pick up and learn from their friends at school, or just by watching television! Kids are always full of surprises! :)


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