Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday's Funny Phrases #2

While in the car listening to Christmas tunes, AZ says, "Mommy I like this Tinkerbell music."

On my way to change WC's poopy diaper, I say to him, "WC, Did you poop? You're stinky." AZ replies, "I think he ate his boogers." She's so stuck on boogers making poop. It's funny.

Snuggling with AZ, I had to get up and make dinner. AZ says, "I need another mommy to snuggle with."

WC is in a new phase where he likes to look at me and say, "Bye-bye." I'll walk into his room when he wakes in the morning. Here's a typical morning conversation with him.
Me: "Hi Buddy. Ready to get up?"
He'll look at me and ask, "Daddy home?"
Me: "No. Daddy's at work."
Him: "Bye-bye."

When WC was done eating dinner:
Me: "Are you all done? Do you want to get down?"
Him: "Bye-bye."
Me: "Are you done, WC? Do you want to get down?"
Him: "Bye-bye."
Me: "Stop saying bye-bye."
Him: "Hi."
My almost 2 year old definitely has a sense of humor.

AZ told me last night that she touched JJ the Elf. Now, JJ will lose his magic if you touch him. I told her that if he loses his magic, he will not be able to go see Santa. She says, "But I will miss him." How sweet!


  1. Kids are the best aren't they? It is amazing how just their innocent little remarks can make us smile and laugh. Thank you for sharing. Sorry I haven't visited in a while.
    Blia from MBC

  2. Hi,
    Found you through MBC, i really like your blog!



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