Thursday, December 31, 2009

Striving to be my Best

I absolutely LOVE Christmas and all that magic and excitement, but I do NOT like the mess that comes with it. The post-holiday-clean-up seems to last as long as the pre-holiday-rush for me. I took all the decorations down yesterday, and stripped the tree of the memorable ornaments that made it so special and beautiful. I've found places for new toys, though I feel I'll need to start putting some away for donation piles. That part gets tricky because of my daycare and the age range, though. I'm feeling the need to regroup, which for me equals dusting, vacuuming, laundry, etc. I feel the need for getting completely back into routine. My routine will be new, though, because I've started watching a 3 month old baby. Yes, I am a little nutty. So, now I have my 3 & 1/2 year old and almost 2 year old, two other almost 2 year olds, and a baby in my care full time. New routines are a must with the new baby here now.

Along with regrouping and regaining a routine, I'd like to start on my goals, and OK I'll say it, resolutions for this upcoming year. I'm going to be brave by putting it all out there, and I'm hoping some of you are as equally brave and help hold me accountable.

Goal/Resolution #1: Lose this baby weight. Do I really have the right to call it baby weight anymore? My youngest baby is almost 2 years old for crying out loud. I'll call it my, I'm-too-lazy-to-work-out-and-lose-the-weight-I-gained-while-I-was-pregnant weight. Now, I gained over 50 pounds with both AZ and WC. I lost everything after AZ was born and before getting pregnant with WC, but it hasn't been as easy losing the last 20 or so pounds after WC. I guess it's true that "your metabolism will slow down when you turn 30." BOO! Therefore, I am on the hunt for a fun way to shed some pounds. I have the treadmill in the playroom now, so hopefully that's at least a starting place. I'm also looking into some fun weight loss challenges that I've come across on some of the blogs I follow. I haven't decided which I like best, but here they are. The first one is The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, and you can learn more about that one HERE. The other one I'm considering is called Body After Baby. I found out about that one HERE. I've also considered doing the tapes, yes that's VHS tapes, or DVD work outs I have. I highly doubt I'll try the P90X again, as that is at LEAST an hour everyday. Who has that kind of time?

Goal/Resolution #2: Continue to save money using coupons and sales, and get even better at it. One thing I LOVE about the blogosphere is that soooo many women out there are extremely generous in sharing when they find a deal. Some blogs will actually match up stores sales with coupons, making it extremely easy to find great deals. Thank you to all of those wonderful blogs. The Kroger I shop at actually shows me on the receipt the percentage of my savings. I'm hoping to save above 30% on EVERY shopping trip.

Goal/Resolution #3: Become better acquainted with our finances. So, I'm saving money shopping and finding deals, but where is that money going and what is it doing? I'm going to take over the bills and finances for a while to figure all of this out. Yes, I'm adding another thing to my plate.

Goal/Resolution #4: Send out greeting cards for birthdays and anniversaries to friends and family. What is better than getting a card from a friend or family member on your birthday or anniversary. It's always nice to know that someone out there has remembered a special occasion for you. I used to be pretty good at sending out cards. I made this resolution a couple of years ago, and was pretty good until about April/May. The next year I was even better, getting cards out until around Septemberish. This year I am determined to get cards out from January-December. Wish me luck.

Goal/Resolution #5: Spend more time doing FUN things with the kids. My husband and I were just discussing last night how we'd like to each have one-on-one time with each kid, as well as go out and do fun things as a family. This is going to be a fun goal for us, and I certainly hope we are successful with this one. I hope I'm successful with them all, but this one is really high on the priority list for us.

Goal/Resolution #6: Find some quality "me" time. Seriously, this will be way too much information, but I was just in the bathroom doing my business with both of my children in there. AZ was sitting across from the toilet while WC was on my lap. Yes, my lap! Come on. I need a few minutes to myself, kiddos. The mom's group I am in will definitely continue helping me on this journey.

Goal/Resolution #7: Decide if I want to become a member of our church. I feel that it's such a commitment to the church, and I just want to make sure that I am prepared to contribute and become a member of that community. I REALLY want to get the kids baptized. AZ is 3 & 1/2 and WC is almost 2, and I know that their faith will be in their hands when they get older, but I'd like to do this for me I guess, to participate in the ceremony of dedicating my children to God. I already know they are His, and they're on loan to me, but it's in my heart to do this.

Goal/Resolution #8: Stop sweating the small stuff. Start looking at the BIG picture. So what that WC has pulled out all the VHS tapes from the cabinet and is making a mess right now. So what if my dear husband leaves his dishes on the counter. Is it really that important? My OCD personality says, YES. CLEAN IT UP!! I need to relax.

The perfectionist in me could continue to make goals/resolutions until my fingers cramped up from all the typing, but I am going to stop here. Although I find faults in myself so easily, I know no one is perfect. It doesn't matter that I know this, I will continue to strive for perfection. I want to be my best, and how will I know what my best is unless I continue to push myself.

What are your goals/resolutions for 2010? I wish you, and myself, luck in accomplishing and achieving all our hearts desires for this upcoming year. Good luck!

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  1. Those are some great resolutions! We need to deccide if we are actually going to become members of our church as well. We haven't talked about it for a while, but you just reminded me that we should. Thanks!


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