Monday, December 14, 2009

My Children, My Family, and God's Wonderful Work

I have two children. AZ is almost 3 & 1/2 and WC is almost 2. So why is it that there are some days when I look at them as if they are little aliens that have invaded my life and home? You'd think that I'd be completely used to the idea that I have two children, but I swear there are some days when I am still SHOCKED that I am a parent! I cannot believe that I am this lucky.

My kids are their own little people, with their own personalities and distinct traits. But you know what? I am blown away, sometimes, at how my children remind me of my childhood or some of my siblings.

For example, AZ likes to run on her tippy toes. And why can't I just say tip toes? It's always TIPPY toes. Anyway, it always reminds of my sister JK. As does AZ's laugh. Her laugh warms my heart, not only because the sound of laughter coming from a child is priceless, but because it makes me think of my aunt KK, sister JK, and I laughing with one another. I'm so happy she has our Woody Woodpecker laugh.

Sometimes WC will try to take off all of his clothes and run around naked because he sees his big sister do it. And I totally let them run around naked, laughing their heads off, because it brings back memories of my sister again. (She's going to kill me for publishing these memories, but they are precious to me.)

And whoa is me because WC definitely reminds me of my brother JAD. Some of his facial expressions are DEAD on. I remember when my brother would get into these giggle fits. His laughter filled the entire house, and it was so contagious. It makes me smile remembering him like that. He was a little on the dramatic side. Even if he was getting ready to lay over our Daddy's knee, he'd comically roll his eyes and entire head on his way. WC rolls his eyes and head like that.

I am truly in awe of God's work. He gave me the two most beautiful and wonderful children who fit perfectly into my puzzle called life. He has blessed me, and He continues to amaze me.


  1. Lovely post. I'm sure your sister won't mind - all happy memories for both of you.

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from the Follow Me Club. Lovely blog.


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