Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mommy's Madness...Loving the Holidays and all the Madness they Bring!

This time of year, from right around Thanksgiving through the New Year, is a whirlwind of chaos for just about every woman out there. It's definitely that way for me this year.

Thanksgiving was something special this year for me, as I cooked my first ever turkey with stuffing and a chocolate pecan pie. And that's pronounced pee'can. Now I don't know how all those other women out there handle making those turkeys every year. EW! I was so not a fan of giving that dead turkey carcass a bath! It's hard enough giving my kids a bath sometimes, and I birthed them. But seriously...I had to BATHE the turkey. Gross. After I got over the astonishing fact that I was going to have to then put my hand inside that turkey's body and remove things, everything was smooth sailing. I was very fortunate to have my sister-in-law and mother-in-law make all the side dishes, so no one was stuck in the kitchen all day. How fabulous was that! And all the food was delicious!

Another first for me this year was experiencing Black Friday. All I can say is, "HOLY MOLY!" That was insane, like Mardi Gras insane, but with a much better outcome full of great deals. Now that I have run full force into the money-saving world of coupons and blogs, I began my Christmas shopping quite a while ago. I've gotten some really great deals on gifts this year. So, in that aspect, things are great! I think I'm done shopping (mostly) for ALL the kids in my life, and that's quite an accomplishment all in itself. It's these darn adults I'm struggling finding gifts for. No matter, it's the thought that counts, right? And besides gifts, Christmas wouldn't be the same without all the music and decorations.

We put our Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving morning, as we started a new tradition this year for the kids. AZ and WC each got a Hallmark ornament that sort-of represents them this year. AZ got a Mickey Mouse ornament, and WC got a Thomas the Train ornament. I'm hoping that every year, they'll unwrap their new ornaments after Thanksgiving dinner, and those will be the first ones on the tree. As a mom to young kids, I'm excited about the family traditions I get to start with them to make their memories of holidays special. In fact, I know what AZ's memory this year is going to be...lights, or the lack thereof.

A few days ago AZ was playing at her cousins' house, and when I picked her up it was dark out. She was fascinated by all the Christmas lights and decorations everyone had, with "Beautiful!" and "Wow!" coming out of her mouth after every turn. Then we pulled into our house. Ladies and gentlemen, let the disappointments begin. "Mommy, our house is not pretty," she said. My girl wants lights and decorations outside. Who can blame her? I like them, too. So we go inside and the first words to Daddy were, "You did not put up lights outside, did you, Daddy?" She may be obsessed. So, I decided to try and help her out.

I made a special trip to the grocery store for 50% off Kellogg and Keebler items, as well as 50% off all Christmas decor. ($118.63 worth of items down to $49.07I might add). So anyway, I thought, Score one for Mommy because I'm getting my girl Christmas decorations. Well, as things turned out, I only got 2 red bows to tie on the outside lights and a light-up polar bear because by the time I got to that aisle I was tired and the kids were fussy.

Well we got home and I immediately decorated the outside with our new items, but AZ was NOT impressed. "Where are the lights, Mommy?" Aunt KR even tried to help me out and told AZ our house was so pretty. AZ's response: We don't have lights. Needless to say, I'm off to get outside lights to decorate our house. The holiday madness has begun!

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