Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Husband is my Hero

How pleasantly surprised was I when JD took over some of my to do list?! He made dinner and 3 meals to be frozen. Wow! What a big help! Make Meals to Freeze: CHECK!

He FINISHED his Christmas shopping, though I'm the only one on his list. He wrapped his gifts for me and helped with my huge pile, too. So now all the gifts are wrapped. Yay! Wrap the Presents: CHECK!

All of us sat around the table last night icing the Christmas cookies. AZ's cookies are so funny. They have a glob of icing somewhere in the middle of the cookie, with a mound of sprinkles on top of that. WC didn't ice one cookie, as he kept eating them as soon as one hit his plate. Decorate Cookies: CHECK!

I just may have time to finish cross-stitching my Christmas stocking after all.

My hubby is the BEST! And to top it all off, he did it BEFORE he read about how stressed I was.


  1. It sounds like the best gift ever!!! My husband got into helping this year too and we had such fun! OF course, it helps that I threatened him... No I didn't. Ok Maybe I did. Normally he just does the Santa stuff and lights.

  2. Yay for a super husband!!!
    BTW I did most my blog makeover thru microsoft publisher it took me all day but i did it i also had lots of tutorial help for the button.


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