Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thrifty Thursday #3

With the amount of soy sauce I use for marinades, I am very thankful to The Coupon Scoop and Freebies4Mom for posting a good deal on Kikkoman. I'll be saving $1 on two bottles of soy sauce, and getting 2 completely FREE bottles.

Also, thanks to Freebies4Mom,Coupon Scoop, and Coupon Geek for me winning $10 from Victoria's Secret. I was so happy I won, too, 'cuz Mama needs a new bra and some new undies. Sorry folks, but it's true. I had to join Pink Nation, and since I am a new member, I also got to print a coupon for a FREE solid tank with any pink purchase. Woo hoo!

I also got two completely FREE lunchables last week, as well as 2 completely FREE pints of coffee creamer. I got the International Delight coffee creamers free by becoming their fan on FB. Yay Facebook! So far I've tried caramel macchiato, and it's good. I'll try the white chocolate mocha flavor next. I found the $1 off lunchable coupons online and Kroger had them 10/$10. That equaled two free ones, friends!

That's how I've been thrifty this week.

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