Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The ULTIMATE Parents

I came to the realization shortly after AZ was born (3 & 1/2 years ago) that God was the ultimate parent. I mean, I always knew God was wonderful and knew He gave his only son for us, but when I became a parent, I felt that I had a lot more understanding of what God sacrificed for us. He let his child DIE so that we could be washed of our sins. I have cried countless tears over this fact.

Listening to Sunday's sermon, I was reminded that Jesus also had a MOTHER. Why had I never thought of her loss? She watched her child be tortured and killed right before her eyes. What a strong and faithful mother Mary must have been!

I often wonder if I'll know when to let go of my children, as Mary had faith and knew when to let go of Jesus. When will I know it's OK for my kids to make their own decisions, even knowing that they'll get hurt from them? Mary was in an exceptional position. She birthed Christ!

My hopes are that I can be the type of parent that God wants me to be for my children. I want to do my job for Him, so that my children may grow up to do what they're supposed to do for Him.

Faith is tested on a regular basis, but I pray that I am able to be just half as faithful as Mary was. I know my flaws, and I cannot say for certain that I am even remotely faithful enough to watch my children be sacrificed. I pray my faith is never tested in that way.

From Sunday's service on, I will forever remember what God AND Mary did for Jesus. I'm so grateful that Mary was strong in her faith to God. And forever thankful to God for all He has done for us.


  1. That was a very sweet and thoughtful post. A very good thing to remember.

    Thank you for your comment, I am now following you and your lovely blog!

  2. I was reading another blog the other night and she was talking about the song "Mary did you know"...Mary indeed had to have been a strong and faithful woman to be a virgin mother to Jesus in Biblical times...I can't imagine.

    What a big job we have as mothers and as parents, to raise our children the way we need to. I often feel like I'm failing in that, although I've been blessed with great kids.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Look forward to reading more from you!

  3. Something I heard the other day, but never thought of before, is that EVERY Jewish woman's ultimate desire/purpose was or is to birth the Christ! Wow, how powerful is that??? To even have that goal would be huge, but then to get it and find out what you really have to go through would be so hard.

    Thank you for sharing those thoughts! So important to remember how REAL Jesus' life on earth was.

  4. As mothers we feel blessed to have children because many dont have the opportunity to know what it is to have a child and knowing God gave up his for us just gets me everytime. A wonderful thing to remember how blessed we are


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